John Einselen grew up in the northern Indiana wilderness, was homeschooled through lower education, and attended Indiana Wesleyan University for the higher part. Graduated in 2005 with honors, and a bachelor of science degree in computer graphics and photography.

After working at the WGM Media Department doing video production, visual effects, and motion graphics (including a documentary trip to Kenya) while in college, John freelanced graphic design and visual effects jobs for half a year. He was also visual effects supervisor for the award winning short film No Greater Love.

A year and a half was spent in the Cincinnati / Kentucky area, doing design, illustration, motion graphics, and visual effects. Part of that time was spent with the Creation Museum art team, creating various visual effects and animations for displays. A little time was also spent in historical instrument research and reconstruction, kiosk design, and CNC operation.

Currently John resides just north of Detroit, Michigan.